Sermons by Deacon Adedoyin Idowu

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The Ground Is Level at the Foot of the Cross


However, I’m glad men and different, aren’t you? I say, “Vive la difference!” Maybe you’ve seen this list of five ways men and women think differently:
• A man will pay $10 for a $5 item he needs. A woman will pay $5 for a $10 item she doesn’t need because it’s on sale.
• A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, soap and a comb. A woman has an average of 328 items in her bathroom—most of which a man can’t identify.
• Women always have the last word in an argument. Anything a man adds after that is the beginning of a new argument.
• When three men eat out and the bill is $44.95, each tosses a $20 bill on the table. When three women eat out and the bill is $44.95, out come the calculators.
• A woman knows everything about her children—their best friends; their hopes, dreams, and fears; and their dentist appointments. A man is vaguely aware of short people living in the house.