amyAmy Carmichael was born in North Ireland. When she was 18 her father died and the family went to Belfast where Amy became involved with mission work in Belfast itself.

As a child Amy Carmichael had been strongly influenced by beggars and homeless children. She had organized groups within her church to help children, particularly those who were ill from working in the mills.

Now the desire for missionary work was in her heart. She was accepted by a missionary group and in January 1892 she went to Japan to join a group doing missionary work there. She failed to meet up with this group but was taken in to a family where she learnt the local customs and the language. She fell ill and was sent to China for treatment. From there she went to Ceylon and by 1984 she was back in Japan.

However she was now ready for the work that God had planned for her. She was asked to go to India which she did. In the mountains near Bangalore Amy discovered her work was to set up a home for young girls who had been rescued from the Hindu temples where they had been forced into prostitution. This is a practice still around today! Later she built a house for boys and a community hospital.

She ran these homes for fifty-five years until her death in 1951.