judsonAdoniram Judson was born in Massachusetts in America in 1788. His father was a Congregationalist minister.

Adinoram was an intelligent child, reading at an early age and studying theology as a child. He went to college when he was seventeen, a move which had a profound effect on his life. At college he was strongly influenced by a ‘friend’ who succeeded in persuading dinoram to give up Christianity and to become a Deist. After graduation Adinoram went to New York to become a playwright.

However God always finishes what He starts! And sometimes in a spectacular and dramatic way. On one particular night Adinoram was staying in an inn and the man in the next room was was dying. Adinoram could not sleep because of the noise that this man was making. Adinoram was deeply troubled by what he could hear. Thoughts of eternity, hell and heaven gave him no sleep. But the biggest shock as to come. In the morning the man was dead and Adinoram discovered this person to be his college friend who had persuaded him to become a deist! The sudden, horrible realization that his friend was lost and that he also was destined for hell, made Adinoram rush back home and to dedicate his life to God’s service.

On February 19th in the year 1812, just three years later, Adinoram and his wife Ann started the journey to India to become missionaries. But they ended up in Burma where they worked hard to establish a Christian foothold in the country.

It took many years before the first native Burmese were converted. Adinoram was quick to learn Burmese, a particularly difficult language, and started the work of translating the New Testament into Burmese.

Politics reared it’s ugly head and Adinoram was arrested and imprisoned for almost twenty-one months because Burma was engaged in a war against the British. He was treated in an appalling manner whilst in prison. The authorities did not care if he lived or died and tortured him in a most callous manner. If anyone actually believes that there is any natural goodness in mankind then it would be a salutatory esson for them to read the details of this time of imprisonment described by Adinoram! Only the continual pleadings by his wife for his life to be spared prevented his death. Then the authorities saw a use for Adinoram as a translator and he was released from prison.

In 1834 Adinoram completed the translation f the Burmese Bible. He died in 1850. Official figures released soon his death show that there were 200,000 Christians in Burma.